Los Angeles Industrial Real Estate Universe – By the Charts

This is the current graph of Los Angeles industrial space larger than 50,000 square feet. We use square foot and cubic foot costs to identify the best deals. In the chart below we measure square foot costs (net rent + property taxes). Dot size represents ownership concentrations. Clients are able to identify actual buildings on the live files.

These are the same properties mapped by location with the dot size representing building size.

Here are the same buildings plotted by cubic feet. Cubic measurements common for warehousers and distributors to estimate inside storage capacity. Higher ceilings have changed the game. For a relatively small increment in construction cost,  storage capacity can triple or quadruple.  This graph shows the relation between cubic cost and cubic feet available in the market.  Many of the best deals measured by cubic foot are often the most expensive measured by square foot.

If you’d like to read more information, see the full post at www.KleinCom.com/universe.

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