What Exactly is Space Sharing?

Space Providers receive additional rents and income from Space not being used. Space Providers are either Building Owners or Tenants with excess space. Occupiers can take over space on a flexible basis. Uses include warehousing, distribution, manufacturing, production and creative.

How Does It Work?

We match Space Providers and Space Occupiers.through a data platform we call IndustryLands. Providers and Occupiers are free make their own arrangements on a peer-to-peer basis. Or you can call on us as for trust and verification. Space sharing is a non-fiduciary service platform. No information is made public and all matches are on a discrete handshake basis. We have a few limited advertising opportunities available. .We require Space Providers submit a space plan that shows potential available spaces. Rents are set either by the market or consultation. Warehouse and yard space are always in demand.

How do we charge for Space Sharing?

Our minimum fee is 50% of the First Months Rent payable at Occupancy for month-to month occupancies and for terms less than 12 months. For terms that exceed 12 months, we charge an additional 1/2 month rent for every year. Normally, the Space Provider pays the fee.

For our Space Sharing service there is no obligation or exclusive listing agreement. We are only compensated if an Occupier is obtained. All Space Sharing Listings are taken on a completely open basis.


What are other services?


Fiduciary: Fiduciary is where we act as an official agent for either the Space Provider or Occupier. This is a typical exclusive brokerage service and is augmented by the IndustryLands Platform. We offer this service on a nationwide basis always with a local SIOR on the team.


DealMaker and DealMaker Pro: The DealMaker Level is an investment/development platform. Normally we combine the Occupier, Building and Land Owner, and Capital Provider in one neat package. Occupiers can capitalize on their Occupancy and investors avoid the vacancy risk.


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